17 March 2015

Hey everybody!  So since last week was empty and there wasn't a cover in time, I said I might do 2 pages in an upcoming week.  GOOD NEWS!  This week is that week!  I'm thinking thursday for page 181, but if anyone has any thoughts on when a better time to post by all means make your voices heard.

Another interesting note is that I offered to beta test for hiveworks new site manager, so some things may end up being slightly broke for a few days, but please let me know if anything isn't working as intended or whatever, and I'll make sure it gets fixed!  Don't forget to try hard refreshing as well (shift+click the reload), because some times the problems you experience are old and have already been fixed and you're just hitting your own cache.

anyways see you guys and gals most likely on Thursday for another page!! thanks for reading and commenting!!

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