05 August 2014

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the brand new VIBE site!  Marvel at it's many splendors and enjoy yourself some much larger pages with a much easier reading experience.  Also try out your left and right arrow keys as you can now navigate using those as well :D we've got it all!  The about and character section are still unfinished, but will likely be done in the next month or so, as I will finally be making an effort to get those up for you guys haha.  But, you know, at this point I'm gonna have to make em cool to compensate how long we've gone without them!

special thanks go to Hiveworks and Erin Burt for her pivotal role in making this site even remotely possible.

further special thanks to Leonardo Bruno for killing it on all the gif animations we have on mouseover now :D

anyways guys, ENJOY THE NEW SITE!!!!


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