03 February 2015

Whoa!! Thank you for so many comments on last week's page :D I'm really glad you guys and gals all liked it and are using the chat!  It's really fun to see!  However, I wanted to give an explanation for why I didn't comment much (and why I won't be able to comment much for the most part for things to come).  As the last page showed, we are starting to get into heavy spoiler town, so in order to keep you all spoiler free I will refrain from answering any story related questions and will generally keep my presence to a minimum (so as not to tip off what things AREN'T spoilery for me to respond to - I won't allow you to play some weird spoiler meta-game!)  Anyways, know that I read each and every comment and it really helps motivate me to keep working hard on this - so know that your posts aren't falling on deaf ears!

Cheers you guys! And thanks again for reading!! I'll see you all next week for the last page of chapter 5 :D woo

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