03 March 2015

Thanks for reading everybody!  See you next week for a very special cover by my very special buddy Kris :D

edit: The cover will unfortunately end up coming in late, and I unfortunately do not have NEXT weeks page finished currently (currently penciling all pages of the chapter).  So there will be no update this week, as I don't feel putting a black placeholder cover up for a week is good for new viewers haha.  That said it won't really change anything update schedule wise.  Page 180 will go up on the date it was planned for, and eventually the cover will be put up in place of its placeholder.  I'll obviously be sure to inform everyone of it going up, and then we can all enjoy it! HURRAY!  But ya, sorry for the inconvenience guys/gals and I'll see you all next week!  If things work out well on my end I'll try and give you 2 pages in one of the upcoming weeks to make up for this as well.  Cheers!

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